Hello World


I am looking forward to play around with the Lakka frontend a bit just to find if I would be able to contribute small features. Since I am on macOS I did set up a docker image based on Ubuntu for my build and development environment. I was thinking about setting this up and release it on Docker Hub to let others benefit from it. Furthermore I wanted to find out how to create a Hello World menu entry and write a little tutorial about it. This could lower the difficulties for me and others to get into the code. Unfortunately my computer is building the Lakka image for hours now… and I realised that I don’t have a glue how the development workflow is. How do I just build the frontend part of Lakka and run it for development reasons? I definitely need more research before I can start writing a tutorial or something :slight_smile: Just to get a starting point… where would you edit menu entries and how would you build and test it? I think it would be satisfying to change a simple detail in Lakka to start researching more of the code base from this point.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Those are good ideas. Lakka’s frontend is just RetroArch, which compiles and runs pretty much anywhere, so it’s usually easiest to work on it in your OS/IDE of choice and then those changes would also be evident in Lakka.

Head over to RetroArch GitHub, read through the docs, and see if there’s something that you’d like to help out with! The menu’s sublabels could always use some tweaks. Those would be easy starting points.

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