[help] hbmame dumps?

Hi guys,

I am not sure if this topic is allowed, I hope to not doing anything wrong.

I trying to find rebuild some FBNeo roms but the wiki is not clear for me, there is written:

Step 2: Gathering the ingredients

It mostly consists of latest dumps available for MAME. The other romsets are usually a mix of hacks and homebrews, most of them can be found in HBMAME dumps.

Where are these dumps available?

I found an official homepage: http://hbmame.1emulation.com/

And a GIT archive: https://git.redump.net/hbmame/

But I didn’t found anything that says clearly: <<hey we are the dumps, please download us>>

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Links to ROM sites cannot be provided here. You will need to do some Googlin’ for them

For what I understood HBMame dumps aren’t “legal” roms are just home-brew piece of code or am I wrong? :man_shrugging:

It’s part of the Rules listed in the FAQ

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Clearly, I have not intention to infringe any rules.

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Some of the homebrews might be legal to share (the ones that aren’t commercial), but the hacks are definitely subject to the same laws as the original copyrighted content.


Clearly I didn’t understand a bit about hbmame and those dumps mentioned in the wiki… :sweat:

please feel free to close this thread if you think is better, thanks!


The “HB” part of HBMAME is maybe a little misleading since it also includes hacks of commercial ROMs. So, that’s why it’s not allowed to be asked for here.

Then again, maybe it’s short for “Hacks and ‘Brew’”? :thinking: