[Help] How to use Scale2x in 2d+3d games in melonds or desmume?

Hi. How do I use Scale2x or xbr, zbr or similar in a 2d+3d game(pixel interface with 3d elementa) in melonds or desmume with non native resolution? I’ve been trying with Rune factory 2 with no success. When I try anything above native resolution, 2d becomes unfiltered. Please help!

Those shaders work by analyzing pixel patterns and comparing them with known patterns. When you increase the internal res, it breaks all of the pixel detection algos because instead of seeing a series of single pixels, they see 2x2 chunks of pixels (assuming a 2x scale for this example).

There are some shaders that are designed to handle that–the super-*xbr-3d shaders in the ‘xbr’ directory–or you can downsample the image before handing it off to the shader, but that mostly defeats the purpose of the increased res in the first place.