Help Needed: Core for Samurai Showdown 6

I currently use retroarch and have tried the MAME NeoGeo Final Burn Core and a few others in order to run Samurai Showdown 6. However none of them work. Is there a not so obvious core in Retroarch I should be selecting in order to run this rom?


samsptk (i guess that’s the one you are talking about) is not a neogeo game, it is an atomiswave game, as such it can be emulated through flycast (you’ll also need the awbios bios file in flycast’s system folder)

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Thank you for your reply. I have tried that though. Its the same core I believe needed to run in retroarch (Sega - Dreamcast/NAOMI (Flycast)?). I also have in the systems folder. Still doesn’t work for me for some reason. Maybe its a different core I should be selecting?

No, that’s the same core, fotns is another atomiswave game. It seems your awbios is ok if you can run fotns, so maybe your samsptk romset is old ? It should contain the following files :

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It looks like mine matches up (see attached). If the match up here is correct, any other thoughts?Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 8.47.17 AM

There shouldn’t be a “ax2901f01.bin” file in current samsptk romset, so my guess is that your romset is old, and while the name of the files is the same, their content might be different and not compatible with flycast. Make sure you pick samsptk from a recent MAME version (preferably latest, but i don’t think those files changed over the last 3 years)

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Gotcha. I’ll do some hunting around. Oh, have you gotten this one to work in some way?

Yes, it works properly

Ah I just downloaded from a different site. Managed to make it run for 4 rounds. Then it crashed. May have been a fluke crash. I’ll try it again though, and see how far I can make it go.

I remember the game having some rendering issues if alpha sorting is not set to “per pixel”, which requires opengl 4.3 or vulkan. Your screenshot make it looks like you are on macosx, so that could be your problem here (macosx has limited opengl support and no vulkan support at all)

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Yes I am running it on a mac. I got to the boss this time. Went a few rounds with him and then crashed again. Yeah its going to be a problem for this rom. I’ll look into this alpha sorting a little more now and see if I can improve the situation.

Kinda dead ended already. What’s the best place to dl opengl 4.3 for mac?

Nowhere, macosx is 10 years behind every other OS for opengl support, and actually intend to remove opengl support altogether in the future. For vulkan they did not even try.

gotcha. Looks like this one is going to be a crasher.