Help needed with enabling mame core neogeo cd bezels

I use the latest RA mame core to run neo geo cd full set taken from mame roms and i got the following bezels files: A cfg folder named “neocd” with cfg file for each game that is placed in: \RetroArch\config for example, a cfg file named “3 Count Bout (World)” that contains: input_overlay = “/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/overlay/GameBezels/NG-CD/3 Count Bout (World).cfg” A folder named “neo-CD” that contains cfg file and png file (the art) for each game in that is placed in: \RetroArch\overlays\GameBezels for example, the cfg file named “3 Count Bout (World)” contains: overlays = 1

overlay0_overlay = “3 Count Bout (World).png”

overlay0_full_screen = true

overlay0_descs = 0

The png file is named “3 Count Bout (World)”

Though the bezels does not show in games What am i missing? What should be configured in order for the bezels to show in games?

Thanks in advance

I couldn’t figure out how to run Neo Geo CD games with Retroarch. I ended up using MessUI64.

Bump, hopefully someone can help me and other people who uses it enable bezels for it.

Here is my guide for you for making neo geo cd work with RA latest mame core. It is the best emulation for ngcd no doubt, since it is mame which is considered the best for ngcd but you can also fasten the loading times, enjoy:

Iirc it’s just like any other bezel/overlay in retroarch.

Launch the game Navigate to Onscreen Display -> Onscreen Overlay and turn on, browse to the config file. Go back to game and check it’s working. Then save a per game override in the quick menu.

I noticed your path was in RetroPi? I don’t know how RetroPi handles it.

I use only windows 10. could these bezels be converted to windows paths somehow? Also, i want to enable the bezels for all the NGCD games at once, not just for one game. That one game was just for example.