Help please witrh playlist buddy (creating hash values for ROMS)

when opening a .lpl with notepad++, what is on line 5?

1 /dev_hdd0/ROMS/Nintendo - Game Boy/Legend of the River King GB (Australia) (SGB Enhanced).gb

2 Legend of the River King GB (Australia) (SGB Enhanced)



5 51627213|crc

6 Nintendo - Game

I am working on a PS3 and the playlist generator is buggy and broken (V1.7.6). It does not include all ROMS and it wont scan SNES at all. I need to figure out how to make a playlist on a PC of my ROM list then modify the .lpl and then transfer it over to the PS3. when I make a .lpl on the PS3 i get a value in line 5 that i cannot recreate when i scan on the PC. i suspect that this is the reason the PS3 will not play the ROM.

What is this value? hash?

How can I recreate it on the PC to be able to transfer it to the PS3?

Is playlist buddy capable of this task?

If I cant generate this value is there another work around?

The CRC hash shouldn’t be necessary for simple launching. If the game isn’t launching at all from the playlist, something else is wrong.

I would suggest making a playlist of a single game and working on that until you can track down the issue.

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I fiddled for a couple days, I was unfamiliar with notepad and notepad++, its very unforgiving if you miss one single character or forward slash. you were correct, boiling it down to one rom then scanning made it pretty easy to track down the problem.

thank you very much. I have been getting my PS3 super out fitted with the help of these forums. I will post some more questions if you are still interested in helping me out.

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