Help with attract mode frontend

Here is my problem:

I use Attract Mode as a front end but NeoGeo CD games do not launch when I use the same command line as in console mode.

Example with the Pulstar game which works very well with this command line via the CMD command prompt on Windows:

cd c:\attract\emulators\retroarch\
retroarch.exe -L c:\attract\emulators\retroarch\cores\fbneo_libretro.dll --subsystem neocd "c:\attract\games\neogeo cd\pulstar.cue"

With Attract Mode the command lines are as follows:

executable           c:\attract\emulators\retroarch\retroarch.exe
args                 -L c:\attract\emulators\retroarch\cores\fbneo_libretro.dll --subsystem neocd "[romfilename]"
rompath              c:\attract\games\neogeo cd
romext               .cue

You notice that the command line is identical we simply replace the name of the game with “[romfilename]” why it does not work ?

NeoGeo games have the same problem…

Not related to the original topic, so i made it into a new topic, but i would recommend asking for help on their support forum instead.

@BarbuDreadMon hello OK I understand I hope to find help here because on the Attract Mode forum I did not have any…

Greetings !