Help with Beetle Saturn saving and save files

I was playing it normaly in the last days and today, after I updated the cores, I loaded up a game and it was like it was booting for the first time, all my Saturn games saves don’t work. I checked the directory and all my saves are still there with their last saved date (yesterday). I noticed the option “save file mode” in the core menu was on “shared”, I changed to “per game” (wich I think it’s something I would have set up since the beggining), but still didn’t work. Any help with what may be happening and what I could do?

Also, what each save extension means? There are .bcr, .bkr and .smpc, though some games only have two.

Edit: Appparently, only the mednafen_saturn_libretro_shared. save file is being updated everytime I launch a game. Changing from “shared” to “per game” on the menu does nothing.

Chiming in to report that I am having the exact same issue. Despite making sure that Beetle Saturn is set to save on a per-game basis, it’s not doing so.

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I know there’s 3 files for the internal system save, the backup ram cart, and the real time clock - though I’m not sure which is which in particular. If you’re seeing those 3 files for each game, then I believe “per-game” is working.

I also know that sometimes updating a core will break compatibility with existing save states. If they changed something that alters how standard saves work, I guess the same could be true.

Are you able to make new saves and load them? If so, I’d say that’s our answer.

I’m seeing the save files for the games I played because that’s how it was saved for me before updating the core in these last few days, I was just curious to know wich is wich. I know that the core updates can break save states but I’m not using them and I never had a problem with native saves in other cores. Changing the core menu save type option from shared to per game does nothing as the only save file that gets saved and updated is the shared one so I believe there is a problem about this funcionality in the current core version.

Edit: I updated the cores today and it seems to have been fixed. There’s a (restart) info in the related core options now and it defaults to per game.

The aforementioned issue has indeed been fixed now. Huzzah!

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