Help with scanlines+RGB overlay at 5x5 scale


Edit: yeah, it’s just impossible to do what I’m trying to do with a non-even horizontal integer scale. I was trying to do an RGB mask with vertical adjacent stripes (as in an aperture grille), which requires that you use a horizontal integer scale that is a multiple of 3. No way around it.

I’ve been playing around with overlays again, and I’m hitting a wall when it comes to creating a satisfactory pattern for 5x5 scale. It’s quite easy to add scanlines and RGB phosphor effects at 6x5, 4x5, or 4x4 scale, but 5x5 is proving to be difficult. Adding the scanlines is easy, but I’ve been unable to come up with a good pattern that also adds RGB phosphor effects. It seems like RGB effects require an even horizontal scale, and that this is just impossible at 5x5. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions before I throw in the towel?