Hi, a question, and a request!

I have a problem with bSNES, loading SGB roms. (Tried the nightlies exe and core)

It gives me the following error: [INFO] [CONTENT LOAD]: Content loading skipped. Implementation will load it on its own. and later on: [INFO] [CONTENT LOAD]: Failed to extract content from compressed file: M:\Roms\Nintendo_Gameboy\Adventure Island (USA, Europe).zip.

When I try to load a zipped GB game. It then just sits on a black screen.

But works fine when I try a compressed SNES game. Can anyone confirm that it’s broken? I tried via the command line, and by loading the core, then the content.

And finally, the request: Recently, Qwertymodo has completed the first Gameboy MSU-1 audio enhancement. But, to make it work, you have to patch the SGB2.sfc, and then use that to load the GB game.

Is there any way we can have a per game option to load the SGB bios?

I imagine in future, if other GB MSU-1 patches arrive, they’ll do something similar, so each gb will have it’s own sgb bios. Maybe?? (That’s just a guess though)

Sorry, I said patch, but I mean, really, it needs to be in a folder, with all the MSU1 files named the same as the SGB bios. So, each game will have it’s own SGB bios, with list of audio and video files named the same.

AFAIK, BIOSes will generally work either alongside the game file or in the ‘system’ directory, so that should be okay, I think…?

Well, that’s actually what I’m asking for :stuck_out_tongue:

So, each game, is in the same folder, but each game wants the same bios file, just named differently.

And, the core can only have 1 name for the bios file.

So I would like a “per game” override to set the name of the bios file, before the core launches.

So, normal gb games use “sgb2.sfc” the msu1 game I have I want to call it “the legend of zelda gbc patch.sfc” etc, and the second gb game I have that has msu1 I want to call it “final fantasy gb.sfc”.

if that makes sense?

Do the BIOSes need to have different names? or can it still be SGB2.sfc inside of a folder with the special name? That is, does the MSU1 stuff require a renamed BIOS?

No, it doesn’t. But then, you’d have to keep each game in it’s own folder, which I’d rather not do. (It’s just annoying for front end navigation)

I will if I have to. I’ll try this out shortly.

OK, tried, bios in the same folder, but the file that the core loaded was from the system folder. (Or maybe the MSU files need to be in the system folder? Or, maybe it’ll only use the one in the game folder, if the one in the system isn’t present? Either way, none of those quite work for me/this situation)

What happens if you remove the one from your ‘system’ folder? Will it start using the one alongside your game?

As for navigation, I know the checksum-based scanner can read nested directories, but I’m not sure if the “manual” scanner can…

If I remove it from the system though, I’ll have to place the bios with all the other games. Actually, that’s not so bad, really.

The MSU1 games will need it anyhow, and the rest of the games not in the sub folder will be fine with just one.

Hang on, lets check.

OK, “Failed to load content” when it’s not in the system folder. So, that’s not great! :slight_smile: