Hi everyone, new user! SEGA 32X emulation questions

Hi guys, I’m new here and to RetroArch in general, even though its easy-to-use interface and copious documentation are making my life extremely easy, in figuring out things and getting everything to work as it should.

I’m using RA 1.7.8(V2) on my gaming laptop - i7-8750H, 16GB, GTX1060 6GB, Windows10 Home - to an external 1080p AOC 144hz/G-sync monitor, with the main intent of having a convenient alternative and an easier way to access a good chunk of my retrogame physical collection (along with my ‘real hw + original sw + OSSC’ setup).

So far, everything I tried seems to work pretty much flawlessly (loving those CRT shaders and the advanced display features, both for RA and individual cores), except for the only one 32X emulator available, PicoDrive. Basically - and aside from the know compatibility issues already reported over at libretro docs - I’m experiencing noticeable graphical glitches and imperfections in many games, whereas the same ROM files (BC Racers and Toughman Contest, to name a couple…) just work without any problem with Kega Fusion, for example, exhibiting no artifacts at all.

I’m wondering if I’m doing anything wrong - maybe there’s some specific guide I haven’t found yet to configure the core? - or if that’s just the actual state of 32X emulation. Of course, as I love how consistent everything looks and plays in RA, I’d prefer to include 32X too, instead of having to resort to a standalone emulator (that can’t output the same way all the other cores do, since it doesn’t share the same shaders).

Thanks in advance! ^_-

Picodrive is a speed focused emulator; unfortunately, there aren’t any accuracy focused open source 32x emulators out there that I know of. I think the author of Blastem wants to tackle 32x emulation some day though.

Even though it’s not accuracy focused, notaz does fix issues in Picodrive sometimes. There’s a 32x compatibility issue open on Picodrive’s repo where you could share the specific issues you’re running into: https://github.com/notaz/picodrive/issues/6

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Thank you! Much appreciated.

I must be doing something wrong then, because - from what I read over there - both BC Racers and Toughman Contest are supposed to be ‘working fine’, while I can see clear glitches right from the start. I’m wondering if it can depend on Windows release (that list is based upon Win7, while I’m using 10). I’ll ask there, thanks again!

No glitches for me. I’m on v1.92 but I’m on Linux so that might be a factor. By the way Picodrive is great, it deserves way more love.