High Res Soul Calibur MAME .259

Some versions of the Soul Calibur arcade ROM (notably soulclbrja) seem to run in a higher resolution but also have some graphical glitches. Does anyone know anything about this? Will other versions run in this higher resolution? Is it possible to fix the glitches?

They all have the same resolution as the Japanese game, I guess the other clones have a low resolution intentionally for debugging purposes.

These games are in an imperfect state, all we can do is wait for MAME to emulate it well.

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Hi, that was really helpful and explains a lot. I’m never sure if stuff is lower res that it was back in the day or simply hasn’t aged well. That explains why the lower res graphics look off too.

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If you have any doubts with the resolution or a technical aspect, you have the option to select System Information by pressing the TAB key, or visit Arcade Database, which has everything about MAME.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Tekken Tag Tournament and Soul Edge also have the same issue. Is it possible to force them into their original resolution, even if that breaks the game further?