How about a retroarch UWP app?

Hey guys, I am very new here, so I am not sure if this is the best category to post my question/request.

As some of you guys know, because of xbox one’s dev mode. A lot of people have been porting a lot of cool things (including emulators) to the xbox one this way. And since the xbox one is the only modern platform (xbox one, ps4, and switch) to allow emulators without homebrew. I thought that this is a very good opportunity to port retroarch to the xbox one.

I do not know where to post requests, but Personally I would love to get a uwp app of retroarch since it already has native controller support. and it already has a nice UI. It would be awesome to have an all in one emulator.

If it is not possible, I wouldn’t mind porting it myself. I just need the help of someone to teach me how to use the visual studio manual conversion technique. I am a developer myself so I can help.

You’re welcome to take a stab at porting it, sure.

I am already making it my challenge. I will definitely update you guys if anything interesting happens.