How can I apply dolphin.ini to ls-dolphin?

Hello. I’m struggling with dolphin setting with lr-dolphin with ubuntu.

I’ve found same cases, but there was no clear answer.

This is exeactly same post which I want to find answer. It was posted 5 years ago… I’ve read some posts that they edited dolphin.ini and it worked, but mine never works. Even though I changed dolphin.ini, ls-dolphin core reset all changes I made, and dolphin.ini back to previous version.

Can someone tell me how can I apply dolphin.ini to ls-dolphin please?

Where have you been changing it? I believer there are 2 places that hold *.ini files: [system]/dolphin-emu/Sys and [save_dir]/User/etc

I changed both files, but core overrides dolphin.ini in User folder. And it reset it to previous version.