How can i create a new topic? :/

Hi, i use retroarch since like 1 year, and i’m new in the forum. I want to create a new thread in the Retroarch>General category but i don’t see anywhere a button or link to create a new one…

Do i need first to “contribute” or something like that before being able to post?

Here is a pic of what i see on scree, i can’t see any button to create a thread/topic.


New users have to have their posts approved. How did you make this one?


That’s pretty funny:

I made a topic to tell you I can’t make a topic!!! :rage:


You should have that blue circle with the + on the bottom right usually.


There was a link saying something like "here are almost no topics… What about creating a new one? So I clicked it, lol.

Whatever, so how do I even create a topic to be approved? I don’t see any button for that.

As you can see in the picture I attached before, the circle at the bottom right you said is not there.

Edit: well, now is there lol. I guess an admin fixed it. Thanks.

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After a certain number of posts, you get automatically approved to make new topics.


Let me make a new post.

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I don’t even have a link or a button to do so on NY end.

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I also have no option to create a topic, can’t see the blue circle button


Very strange. Guess I better find out ways to make posts that are not spam :confused:


You could just post your question here or find an existing similar topic to post in.

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Pretty sure posting our questions in a completely unrelated topic would be against the rules and counter productive, since very few people with knowledge in the area would see it.

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Well I made enough posts in as natural a fashion as possible to be given the option of creating a topic, but both that topic and my posts are still requiring approval…

I’ts a bit of too much bureaucracy for a forum where people isn’t selling or buying things no? :sweat_smile: As a web developer, i don’t see much sense on such high security to post and create topics for a forum where people talks about developing and retro games.

Edit: Here is something i found, that could be helpful to clarify things about posting permissions:


We’ve had a ton of trouble with spam in the past but not a single spam post since changing over to the more restrictive policies :slight_smile:


Nice. But would be useful if the information about posting can be send when someone registers to the forum. The common case, is; someone unregistered is reading the forum, then he wants to talk or create a topic, then he registers. So after that, he doesn’t know why he can’t post. (Sorry for my Tarzan english :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


If you want to grow Retroarch’s user base, then hiding the new topic button and saying “you need to post 5 times or go hunting for old topics and hope your post gets noticed” is unreasonable, because people are lazy and have the expectation of being able to ask questions without such hassles.

It’s your responsibility to make it easy for these users to find answers, or they will abandon Retroarch.

My own suggestion would be that you need an official QA forum for unsolicited “how do I…” questions from guest users, and you need to throw big “ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE” notifications on the front page so people know it exists and they feel comfortable in posting there. Even if you just link to /r/retroarch or something, at least that would get eyes on the questions.


I search google to see if there is something stupid like this implemented (god forbid anyone make a sticky) and sure enough. I mean I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when libretro is using the worlds worst message board software system, but MOST people who register are doing so because they need help with something that are unable to find via searching the interwebs. Now I am left finding another forum to ask my question.


After the complaints, I changed it to allow new posts once you reach trust level 1, which happens after browsing the forum for 10 minutes, which should happen in the process of searching for your problem and reading search results[quote=“jeffmd, post:21, topic:8416”] I mean I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when libretro is using the worlds worst message board software system [/quote] Please address all complaints to our Customer Satisfaction Department for a full refund.


Fair enough, it just would be nice to be able to read that somewhere, heck why not the system generated first notification? And yea sorry but I wasn’t being snarky about the message board software, I do dislike it. Gobs and gobs of dead space on the side of the screen. Pictures instead of words for EVERYTHING. But I guess thats better suited for site feedback… if I can post there now. :wink:


Was wondering the same thing!

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