How can I reset the core settings to the initial state?

I set the 3D acceleration of duckstation, the core of psx, to volcanic. After the API is restarted, I can no longer use the core (jump back to the main interface after loading ISO). How can I reset the core settings to the default state?

I think you should just need to delete the core’s .opt file in ‘RetroArch\config\duckstation’ (I don’t actually use that core so presuming the subfolder is actually labelled ‘duckstation’…), have you tried this?

Would have thought deleting the .opt file from the relevant subfolder within config should work to reset any core but happy to stand corrected.


It’s working! Thank you.

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since few version there is an option to do that without having to manually delete config files:

Quick Menu -> Options -> Manage Core Options -> Reset Options

this should set options to their default values.


…er, yeah, if you want to do it the easy way! :rofl:

I did know this and completely forgot about it so thanks for the reminder, it’s totally the easier option :+1: