How Configs files Work?

I was reading the guide, but some things i dont have clear or not work as well. For example, i want to set all my PSX Games to be loaded on Ram so i put this line on retroarch-core-options.cfg: beetle_psx_hw_cd_access_method = “pre-cache”

However, when i load a game, it gets changed to “sync” on options, then I reopen the retroarch-core-options.cfg and for my surprise the line i have entered got changed to “sync” There is no per game settings there, so retroarch-core-options.cfg isnt supposed to be the master for settings?

try removing the hyphen. That is, precache instead of pre-cache.

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Oh, my bad. Thanks for your fast response. For some default settings for controller would be good idea put lines there too? Like setting Dualshock for Beetle PSX Core

NVM I found out that creating a remap file (*.rmp) applies to controller configuration.

Another thing to note is, that if a change options for a game (like CPU OC, MSAA, Widescreen hack), even if I not save them, it keeps on retroarch-core-options.cfg and keeps them as the new default settings so any game that I load and dont have their own config settings it runs with the new modified retroarch-core-options.cfg Even if a game profile is loaded, this changes keep stored on the retroarch-core-options.cfg… so how I can get a default file that doesnt get changed? Even disabling the option “save on exit” doesnt work for this file.

UPDATE: The only that worked for me is setting the config file to read only, in that way it is unmodified. I just change game and the settings will revert. If i wanna save some changes i just create a config file per game.