How to do proper N64 Widescreen?

I’ve been really enjoying playing Beetle_PSX_HW, Flycast, and even PCSX2 using the Widescreen Hacks in the core options lately. I’ve been trying to do the same thing with N64 and I’m getting horrible results.

Basically everything is still displayed in a 4:3 box, but it’s stretched to 16:9 outside of those borders, when I use the Widescreen (Adjusted) option in Mupen. My Video > Scaling aspect is set to Core Provided as well.

I’ve tried out multiple games like Super Luigi 64 (also tried Super Mario 64, just in case) Ocarina of Time, and most importantly Castlevania 64.

As you can see it’s stretched the HUD out of bounds (but also, if you can’t tell Reinhardt is lookin’ like he’s had too many wall-chickens lately) So it’s stretching the entire game and giving me a 4:3 window.

The other cores were pretty simple, and I’ve poked around a lot, so I’m just not sure what I am missing here.

widescreen-adjusted should work, but HUDs and other 2D elements are frequently stretched. I usually test it with Mario64’s spinning head. It’s easy to tell whether it’s working or not there.

So it looks like the problem might be the RSP setting? I was originally just using ParaLLEl for both RDP and RSP. I switched RDP to GlideN64 for the widescreen hacks. I left RSP on ParaLLEl though, not thinking anything of it. Tried out HLE for the RSP and it instantly started working.

Using HLE with GlideN64 does make sense (I think) so I guess just an oversight on my part.


Now I understand, it is with MUPEN64. Mupen predefinity options are in GlideN64 and HLE, just activate the Widescreen (Strech) and it works.

I have tried for a long time with parallel without success, it is because it has a Widescreen option without information, which lends itself to confusion.

I imagine that it is for games with anamorphic native Widescreen.

Supposedly these are all:

  • 007: The World Is Not Enough
  • Banjo-Tooie
  • Donkey Kong 64
  • GoldenEye 007
  • Jet Force Gemini
  • Mickey’s Speedway
  • Mission - Impossible
  • Perfect Dark
  • Starshot: Space Circus Fever
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Typically there is a smaller description under each core option. I use the new default (Ozone, I think) instead of XMB, so maybe it’s just a feature of that. It gives a little information, but yeah it didn’t mention the other settings I was able to figure out.

Anyway, my point of responding was to say thank you for including a list of games that support anamorphic widescreen. I’d rather use the built in features if possible before resorting to hacks. I’m gonna need to spend some time tonight setting up some game overrides for these titles <3


XBM and Ozone show the same information below each option, this Widescreen option does not have.

There is another Widescreen mode for Nintendo 64 with Letterbox, but for the case of emulation it is not necessary. You would be surprised to know how many games with Widescreen support, from Genesis and 32x…