How to Install Lakka manually and create a GRUB menu option

I was wondering if I could move my Lakka USB installation to a HDD partition and create a GRUB menu option to boot from it. Is it possible just copying the Kernel, Etc and then create an specific GRUB menu ? If so, any suggestion on what options should be used to run Lakka on the GRUB menu ?


I would be great if the installer could do that itself, I dont want to loose my current boot options so I’d prefer to do it myself.

Hello, some people did that on the forums.

You need to create two partitions, and configure your grub.

Take a look at the current bootloader configuration, and translate it to grub syntax.

(We don’t want to support that kind of dual boot officially. It’s way too much work, and our TODO list if full of tasks with higher priority for now.)

You can check here how to do it.

Thank you both for your help ! That’s awesome, I did look in Google but not here… what a noob :slight_smile:

Now I just would love to have Favorites in Lakka so I can select my favorites games and make them easy to access and to be able to add snapshots (I need to some search cause I think it’s doable) and Im set ! Retroarch and Lakka are becoming the best of all time for old school fans.

Thnks again.

I’m not against a favorite tab. You can send a feature request on our github tracker.