How to load Atari ST HDD image files?

I have some Atari ST games in HDD format (similar to WHDLoad Amiga games) that don’t require disk swapping since they are in one big zip file. But when i load this with Hatari core i only get the TOS screen and a mouse pointer.

Anyone has any idea for how to run these files?

hi, i’d be interested by that kind of format. Doing it for Amiga changed my life, i’d be happy to have a look for Atari. Do you have a place where i could get this pack ? So i could also have a look about how making it work.

i found these files years ago in a “hyperspin ready” pack. And its not all games like that, only about 100 or so. There are still plenty of multidisks in the pack.

I manage to load some of them by using the Atari Desktop since they wont autoload. Some work others dont. Hatari doesnt have options to fiddle with either.

Haven’t fiddled much around with ST hdds, but in standalone Hatari, it appears to be working for me by using a boot floppy from Gamebase ST (I 'm guessing this includes the hdd driver) and specifying a GEMDOS directory with the extracted files via the GUI. Files from the Gamebase can be autoboot via included Desktop.inf files, I’m not sure if these are games that were never having hdd install to begin with, unlike the ‘Atari ST adapted games’ you can get on the web.

The libretro core notes at github do not mention anything about hdds however and since the port doesn’t include all features and is based on an older version, I suppose it’s not that easy if at all possible.

Ι gave up on it to tell you the truth. I’ll just use multidisks, there is no other way around it. The Hatari core seems barebones, it hardly has any core options.