How to make GBA looking really good for a kid who's going blind?

Hi !

I’m working with a girl aged 12 who’s going blind du to a illness and I’m trying to help her discover games kid by is age are playing.

But I’m not really good to configure shaders and filters… I’ve tried to but I can’t get a good result.

She just got Esight 4 glasses wich allow her to see directly the screen of the computer on her glasses but every thing is still quitte muddy for her.

So I’m looking for help to make or ajust filter to have like XBR filters shape (no pixel but not to round too) and most precise/acurate possible (maybe by upscaling ?)

Thanks for her !

Sorry for my bad english, I’m french x)


I think xBRZ-freescale or ScaleFx are your best options.

Hi ! I’ve tried to setup, but I’m really not understanding how to configure them wright…

Is there a way to upscale GBA ?

Maybe there’s preset allready made by someone ?

I’ve tried all preset in reatroarch but they’re not completly good for her, she can read little caracters with one but not bigs, and vice and versa.

The GBA’s native resolution is 240 × 160… which is 3:2 aspect ratio.<-- just copy this from googling. The only way I could think is stretch the screen… It’s a really good what your doing.

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Ok I’ll try this ! But I’ve think I’ve allready set resolution to the maximum PC can handle.

I’ll continue searching for filters or custom made filters that can help her !

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well if you change the resolution 800-600 ? It makes everything really big size.

She plays in full screen, it’s that the same as changing resolution ?