How to save high scores in MAME2016

Hi all, I’ve searched on Libretro forums. But they all use MAME2013 plus. Does any one knows how to save high scores in RetroArch with cores “MAME2016”?

Thanks a lot.

It should de sufficient to place the hiscore.dat file from here: in your /system/mame2016 or folder.

I know this works on mame2003 and mame2003-plus, but it should work on mame2016 as well.
Only the newest mame core needs a different configuration:

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It will save to gamename.hi automatically using mame2013-plus core. I try every ini files and hiscore.dat to any path. It doesn’t work using mame2016. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Answered in the guide thread. A bit of annoying this thread-jumping