How to save mame configurations MAME 2014 core



I cant seem to save the control binds I create via the Mame config menu

Everytime I exit mame it defaults right back to the original controls which im not a big fan of.

I have tried configuring controls via mame menu, saved as a core override, that didnt do it.

also tried configuring controls via MAME menu then saving it as a retroarch config file before exiting mame, loaded the config file, that also didnt do it

I guess im not too familiar with how retroarch works yet, but i am definetly trying :sunglasses:

Thanks for any help

Running latest nightly build on Win10

[Request for Approval] Create doc page for MAME 2014 core

IIRC, for this particular core, you have to create a ‘mame’ directory in your ‘system’ directory and then you can save a mame.ini to change controls…? there may be more steps. I never used this core much.


In this nightly build, They removed mame 2016 so the only core ive had any success with so far is this one as far as gameplay goes.

And when you say system directory, where can I locate this? inside retroarch or you mean in file manager? Sorry, at work so im just trying to visualize that process.


it’s in the filesystem. You can tell what it’s assigned to by looking at settings > directory.


Am using 0.179 Romset, any cores you recommend?


I’ve been screwing with the MAME controls for so long now, I don’t even know how long…

I have a RetroArch/system/mame directory, there’s a bunch of files in there, but specifically the mame.ini is there as well but it’s blank so there’s nothing to edit in it.

I’ve edited the MAME menu in the core itself, but it never saves. Is there some ‘save mame config’ button in the actual MAME menu I’m missing?

I just want to map player 1 & 2 to the keyboard. Nothing fancy.

@faked_potato I’m just stoked someone else is looking for this answer. If one of us figures it out, let’s tell the other, deal? lol


Yeah man I wondered the same thing about the mame menu. Spent a good twenty minutes of my time before work today looking for a save current config button within the mame config menu too :sweat:

But yeah, deal for sure. lol


So I found something!

I tried setting “Input (this machine)” instead of “input (general)” and it DOES save to the system/mame directory configs.

So, while not idea, this does allow you to set controls in each game. You’d have to do it once for EACH and EVERY game… so if your like most people and have a trilllion arcade games it’s probably not gonna cut it.

I only have a dozen or so games at the moment, but it’d be nice to set the general, and I really feel like the answer should be nailed down for everyone else who has tons and tons of arcade stuff.


Hey thats a start! I only have like 12-15 I actually play. I was gonna make my own MAME directory, since I cant scan the roms and it creates it for me. How would I go about doing that? Thanks for letting me know on that btw, gonna spend the next 2 hours configuring :laughing: