[Request for Approval] Create doc page for MAME 2014 core


As I understand it, one of the libretro team needs to create the bounty in order for it to appear in the main bounty list. @Twinaphex if it’s acceptable to you, would you be willing to create a Bountysource listing along these lines?

The bounty is to create a new MAME 2014 core doc file in the same format as generally used in the official docs here: https://buildbot.libretro.com/docs/

It might be useful to look at the MAME 2003 doc for reference, as it is nicely comprehensive: https://buildbot.libretro.com/docs/library/mame2003/


Personally I think is this is to be a standalone bounty it should include all outstanding MAME cores.

But either way its worthy of a bounty imo


I think that the MAME 2014 doc is going to take a while to write because there isn’t much written about it to start out with as far as I can tell. For now I wanted to start putting my notes here about some of the areas to cover.

Here are some possible starting points for MAME 2014 documentation regarding configuration and specifically a common config error:


Thanks for adding in my discussion -

I hope to see something more stable/better controller configuration.

Good luck!


@hunterk Sorry to bother you but do you think there is a reason why this bounty idea doesn’t make the cut, or do you think it has been overlooked?


I think it’s been overlooked. AFAIK, anyone can create a bounty, you just have to start an issue for it. Since this is specifically for docs for mame2014, I would suggest making the issue at that repo and then see about creating the bounty for it via bountysource.


@hunterk that is what I used to think, but for example please look at this Lakka-LE repo bounty: https://www.bountysource.com/issues/42484309-lakka-as-accesspoint-enchancement

From what I deduce, because this was not created by a libretro team member, the bounty does not appear with the rest of the libretro bounties: https://www.bountysource.com/teams/libretro/bounties


Hmm, yeah, dunno what to tell you, then. I guess it’d require us to put money in every pot first, which isn’t really sustainable.


@hunterk I’ve been looking at this a bit more. If you visit the Bountysource search page, you can see it is only pulling from a few of the libretro github repos rather than everything included under the libretro organization on github (look at the “project filter”): https://www.bountysource.com/teams/libretro/issues

I can understand it not being practical to add all repos, especially because it’s manually edited, but what about adding two? Those being the new Lakka-LE repository as well as mame20003.