HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

That’s a cool trick, works with the latest guest-advanced-ntsc, too :slight_smile:

Looks good! I think it’s a more authentic crt image vs the raw rgb output/no filtering.

These days I use composite video filtering for all home consoles and an rgb setup for arcade stuff.


Just want to say thanks to HyperspaceMadness and all the people involved in the best shader my eyes have seen, its a pleasure to check often what you people come up with, just installed the new version and i was playing with it yesterday, felt like a kid again, i have l8 different crts, always searching for the perfect one without too many convergence problems etc, now for the first time i think i can get rid most of them lol, gonna keep the hardest ones to get like the sony fv310,fv 300 and a pair of curved toshiba and philips that have component inputs for get them into some arcade cabinets, what a wonderful shader this is, i get the inmersion i needed and sometimes i forget im playing on a 1080p lcd tv, thanks a lot!


Thanks for the hint! I’m already running the multiplier as a parameter, will probably update the shaders soon. The best thing about it is the possibility to reduce the scaling for high-res content, like PSX games.


Yes, I’m doing that for fighters on dreamcast/naomi…
with an img-adjustement pass before to fix double pixels odd number position. :persevere:

Also, ntsc can get intensive in some scenarios.
Like using it with interlacing for virtua fighters 2 it won’t run at full speed with max swapchain images 2 using vulkan, while it’s full speed at 3.
So I suspect it’s silently taking an additional frame of lag to render that if allowed to, I haven’t recorded the screen to make sure of that yet.


Hey guys! Some testing with the resolution downsampling capabilities of Mega Bezel with 3D games from the Dreamcast era. The blending of textures, polygons and 2D elements is pretty amazing, considering the CLEANINESS and SHARPNESS of the final images! A little controlled deconvergence can be so precious for visual coherence…

LOK - Soul Reaver, hi-res texture pack from The Ancient Den

REZ, widescreen hack, fullscreen with bezel reflections


Wow, Rez is looking nice, all rezed up but a nice smooth retro feel.

Also CONGRATULATIONS @TheNamec on your release candidate of the Commodore Pack!!! It’s looking amazing :star_struck: and such a wonderful gift to the community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also many thanks for all the great testing on the performance and breakdown of the different variations performance seen here


Also your Cyberpunk 2077 graphic is such a fun unique idea, and lovely execution :heart_eyes:


I love that standard and potato are shortened to STD and POT on that table ROFL.

Congrats on that release candidate (release? ; Words are complicated :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)



Ahahah thanks @HyperspaceMadness, you make my proud!

You know this would not be possible without the Mega Bezel Reflection Shader under the hood: I fell in love with your work since the first time I saw the bezel reflection and I’ve been very lucky having your constant support and allmighty attention. :sob:

I am privileged to be part of the creative team with you and @Duimon and I hope to give some other contributions to the scene… before being sucked in again in IRL!!! :grin:


Wow, amazing shader I have to admit. Maybe too much settings I’m lost haha. Is it possible (I’m pretty sure it is actually) to disable the ghosting effect? I’m using the MBZ 1 ADV preset, and I’m talking specifically about this


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Seems like it’s a shader/setting issue tbh.

Idfk what’s actually happening tho

Can you provide more information, i.e. core, game, maybe even a log?

Oh, and there are an impressive number of settings. HSM is working on a solution to make them easier to wade through.


Thing is I haven’t changed anything from the preset so I don’t know… I’m not using any filter either.

I’m running bsnes accuracy, here with ALTTP (US). The effect is hard to notice unless recorded or screen captured and it seems to only affect the menu and cursor blink animation (so fast animations only). I’d say it’s part of the phosphor effect but I’m not finding a setting that affects this specific behavior.

Log file in case https://pastebin.com/EHLEmGfA


I can’t seem to reproduce the issue.

Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past-210725-185701

How long has your current installation of Retroarch been up?

Can you try it in a fresh install? Maybe it is some other setting.

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Your screen looks like it was taken with the menu all the way down already, but it’s only visible when it is scrolling down.

It’s a fresh install (actually installed the latest stable yesterday just so I could try this shader)

EDIT: Funny thing, it’s only visible on black background, here notice how the HUD elements like hearts and rupees scroll down at the same speed but there isn’t any ghosting


In that case it is probably a phosphor persistence setting.

You can find them in the Guest settings under “AFTERGLOW”.


Yes that’s it. Specifically I had to set AS to 0 to fix this, not sure if that was an intended behavior or a weird side effect. In any case thank you for your help.


See the whole in-montion thing was important info :joy:

Would’ve diagnosed that immediately lol.


Does the shader pack work on Linux?. I tried loading any of the presets and RetroArch crashes. Other “default” shaders seem to work.


To be fair, what did you expect with the term “ghosting”? :smiley: