I can only reply to topics, not to posts

Whenever I try to reply to a user’s post, my reply goes to the topic instead. It’s happening since I can remember. I’m a Firefox user on Linux, I only have uBlockO, but it’s disabled for this site. Is it a bug, or is it a problem on my end?. Has somebody else experience this?

I use firefox+linux, as well, and don’t have any issues, AFAIK. As long as you click the reply button in the actual post, it should work fine.

Well, that’s weird. It might be something in my configuration then.

By the way, I started with a new firefox profile before I made that post, which didn’t work. I’ll keep looking.

Anyway, thanks for replying :slight_smile:

EDIT: I disabled my apparmor profile and it wasn’t the culprit either. I’ll keep looking elsewhere…