I like the new forum

Dynamic, fresh, eye-catching, organized, elegant… Badges!! very timely for RetroArch :grimacing: Congratulations on choosing this forum.

What is it made of? Wordpress?

The red line dividing the Latest not read topics is great, and I love the vertical slider when scrolling posts.

I’m very happy with this new forum too. I was not able to login on mobile however, very strange.

Is there anyway to change avatar using personnal img? Would like using the same like my github account.

Yes in your profile settings, top right corner

It’s a mobile browser and it identifies itself as such

My idea is that libretro forums before the attack was easier on the eyes and simpler to navigate on without this stronger screen crunch in the same browser. Currently the news pages are missing,but they may have been wiped out for all I know,I really wanted to see if anything new was mentioned in a news topic on that part,but alas the site has been attacked when I loaded it.

Opera for Android has a feature for Desktop mode,but frustratingly enough,more and more sites force you to use the garbage mobile mode anyway despite the desktop user agent setting,nobody should have to resort to an old and slow browser app that creates a locked in desktop mode with outdated feature limits,and there’s no updating to be had because of Google forcing developers to remove the Download context from long-pressing for some bulls*** reason like they :unamused: “improve” :unamused: everything else that they touch. I have even seen a few sites via a Windows laptop show up in a mobile style,which definitely should NOT happen.

Also,I had to manually quote because of the dumb context-only “highlight” option not working on Android and since it lacks the button to quote normally in one fell swoop. The worst part is that there’s no pages,I am left stuck entering the next-to-last comment number in an appearing dialogue box every time if the topic contains hundreds of posts like one with 900+ comments.

Other than that,some features are alright aside from the “you have to already know what it is” buttons which have no names that all modern forums use nowadays.

I don’t know if you can use it on android but there’s a plugin for Firefox and Chrome called Stylish with which you can rewrite the CSS code. Some people were sharing tricks and code on the Discourse forums.

The new forum is soooo cool! Congrats!

You guys better check for an SPF record in the domain too, to prevent spambot accounts…

I can’t praise the new setup enough.

I can actually see which topics I’ve been talking in. I was never able to get that to work before.

There are so many topics that went on after I lost them. Just found a whole bunch of solutions I never ran into because of it.

I like the new forum, well done! :+1:

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