I need help combining 2 overlays

Hi Guys.

I have this Arcade overlay with this config

overlays = 1
overlay0_overlay = umk3.png
overlay0_full_screen = true
overlay0_descs = 0

It works and it looks beautiful. However I also found this scanline overlay with this config

overlays = 1
overlay0_overlay = trellis.png
overlay0_full_screen = true
overlay0_descs = 0

The first overlay looks good with opacity at 0.9-1.0

The second overlay is a scanline overlay and I need it centered on top of the first overlay on the part that shows the gameplay. I also need the second overlay with opacity of 0.15-0.20

Is it possible to combine these 2?

The first is an Arcade Cabinet overlay and the second one is a scanline overlay. Combines with my shader this looks great but I can’t seem to figure out how to add the second overlay on top of the first one

I have uploaded both overlays here in case anyone wants to help


OK looks like I was able to accomplish what I wanted by overlaying the scanlines image on top of the other layout image and adjusting the position of the scanlines image and setting a blending level with the help on this site


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