IOS Support Thread

I making this thread, because retroarch on ios will become more and more popular due to the official app store release.

I have an issue with mgba. mGBA seems to make save files but it is bot loading save files. For instance Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland. You can change the language play the first level and after restart all is gone.

Also the sensitivity of the gyro and tilt sensors are really high. The feature is awesome to use iphones/ipad gyro/tilt sensors for emulation. But Is it possible to create an option to adjust the sensitivity of gyro, tilt games like wario ware and yosh gravitation. Otherwise it is impossible to play. Same would be great for rumble sensitivity (iOS independent feature)

I also tried vba-m which works great. But unfortunately the gyro/tilt function is not available in this core.

Sometimes the vulkan slang shaders cannot be used. Like for example on melonds. Is this due to the missing Vulkan implementation? It would be great to have features like upscaling on IOs as well but it seems due to the software/opengl renderer it is not possible to use shaders and enhanced graphic features if the core.

But in summary, the regeoarch release on the app store is amazing! Thanks a lot