Is Daphne working?


I noticed there is a daphne core in the buildbot. I already have the regular daphne set up but i can’t make this work. Is there a guide or something like that? I found a retropie guide but i can’t figure out anything from it. Also, will i need extra files?


I managed to make it load the video file by adding every folder and every extension in Rocketlauncher. However, RetroArch only plays the video without sound and the controls don’t work.

Loading just the txt file like the regular Daphne doesn’t work.


Did you ever make further progress with this? This core seems spooky to me, like I just noticed it one day and I haven’t found much info on it yet. >.>…


I can get all of my games to open, but I don’t get any sound. The only game I can play is Dragons Lair though. I left everything in the original Daphne folder structure, but I placed all of my frame files in the framefile folder. I then pointed Retroarch to the Rom files (ie., to get the games to play. I think this is the problem. When setting Rocketlauncher and Launchbox with the Daphne software, you must point to the frame file and it works with no problems. I think the Retroarch core should be updated to point to the frame files first. Just a guess.

I’m going to try something different though when I get home tonight. I use Retroarch with Launchbox. When importing the Daphne roms, I only imported what I thought were the necessary roms such as,, and My roms folder in Daphne actually contains MANY more rom files for those games. I’m going to point Launchbox to all of those files and see what happens.