Is GBA Cores better for Gameboy Games on Gameboy Color

I tried the GBA Emulators and they seem to work and they also Allow cheats to work on the GBA Cores and not on GB Cores.

So is the Title Right?

I’m a Sameboy fanboi myself, so I would use it anywhere you can, but mGBA is awesome, as well. I don’t think you can go wrong with either one, so it’s just up to your preferences and whether one is easier for you to deal with config-wise.


Somebody I tried and was Good but only Bad Thing is Cheats don’t work.

Good to hear mGBA is also Awesome and that supports Cheats.

Thanks for Answering again @hunterk

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I personally use Gambette for GBC and GB because of the Game Boy Pocket palette for GB games and the Color Correction for GBC games.

Then I use mGBA for GBA.

I haven’t tried SameBoy I don’t think. .

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i like tgbdual for its splitted screen mode (link cable emulation), i’m not sure any other gb emulator has that feature

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Think Gambette you can as has Link Support Options

Sameboy has it too, but you must activate it first via the subsystems menu in the main RA menu, it’s considered the most accurate emulator now so you should definitely give it a try!


I will give it a Go for Sure.

Just wish Cheats would work on Sameboy Core

I’m kinda in the same position as you, I’m really trying to adapt to SameBoy but at least for the RetroArch core the RTC is broken and does not work properly for Pokémon Crystal which while it’s not crucial is an important feature of the game.

Gambatte is great, but sometimes I just use bgb or my custom build of the standalone version of Gearboy which is super nice (the code is easy to read which makes customization really easy)

Game Boy and Game Boy Color have always been a tough choice in which emulator to use for me but 10-15 years ago there were at least less to choose from.

It’s so much simpler to choose a specific emulator for other systems and I’m really trying to have as few different emulators as possible for each system.

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