Is Higan 105 Accuracy supposed to be slow on a 3 Ghz Ivy Bridge i7?

It was only hovering around 47 FPS when I tried it with some Super Game Boy games. I don’t have rewind or frame delay enabled. I know it’s a beast of a core and that has only gotten more extreme over the years but damn.

Yeah, that’s just the price of accuracy lol. You can try the balanced core from the nSide release page, which should be substantially faster.

We keep meaning to get our buildbot to produce a balanced build, as well, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Is the setup for loading Super Game Boy with the nSide core the same as official Higan 105?

Edit: The answer is yes, and you have to copy the core info file from real Higan and rename it. Also it’s not even that much faster.

Is this a desktop or laptop ivy bridge i7? My laptop ivy bridge i5 get between 55-58 fps on super gameboy on Higan accuracy. Full speed on the nSide higan balanced core.

Laptop. I had to turn on threaded video to get the nSide core to full speed but it’s smooth now.

Sadly, nSide dont support Retroachievements. Where can i report that ?

it’s not going to. Due to some differences between libretro and higan/nSide’s emulator:: abstraction, the stuff necessary for it isn’t available without digging into the core functions, which we’re not wanting to do.

If you want to earn achievements, you’ll have to use one of the other SNES cores, all of which support them, apparently.

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Thanks. You told me, some time ago, about a shader to “simulate” the trasparency effect in some games (Jurassic Park). Can tell me again? I can find your/my post…

there’s snes-hires-blend in the crt subdir, iirc, but you can also set the core options to force 256x224 and use the ‘blur emulation’ option

Now nSide balanced core works with Retroachievements. I was playing last night.

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