Is MAME core version always behind? RA is not detecting my 0.217 set

Is MAME core always behind? Currently is still on 0.215 and RetroArch was just updated.

I have the complete and latest MAME 0.217 set but RetroArch after more than an hour of scanning associate the ROMs with MAME. Instead it made a short list of about 20 games and put them under FBNeo.

Is anyone else having the same issue with MAME?

%95 of games should’ve been detected and associated with MAME core even when my set 0.217 and RetroArch core is autdated 0.215

I am using Windows 10 and non-merged MAME 0.217 ROM set.

It’s usually a couple of weeks behind (as long as it takes someone to update it), but that’s unrelated to your issue, which is caused by ROMs matching more than one database (i.e., because they haven’t changed in some time and are exactly the same on each database).

Use the manual scanner and point it to the appropriate DAT for naming instead.

No good.

WhenI try to manual scan and navigate to import the DAT file (In this case XML) RetroArch closes.

MAME 0.217 ROMs (non-merged).xml

Same thing is happening when I try to manual scan with FBNeo DAT

I can’t use RetroArch until this is fixed. :frowning:

lol that’s a bit over-dramatic. You can always just ‘load content’ and navigate to the game in your filebrowser, or use the manual scanner with the zip names instead of the “pretty” names.

You can’t ask me to go back 20 years bro after being spoiled by RetroArch. I need to have Arcade games show the names properly. I have adult ADHD and I forget things easily. LOL.

You are correct about over-dramatic since is only happening to MAME and FBNeo. But arcade is what I like to play most. :weary: