Is the Angrylion Plugin for N64 still worth Using?

I have found to be the most Accurate Graphics Plugin as does not really have many Glitches IF at all.

But it’s not been Updated for a Fair While and GlideN64 is more up to date and you can make the Graphics Better.

So what 1 should I Use?

it doesn’t get updates because it doesn’t need them.

If you can run ParaLLEl-RDP, though, there’s not much point in using Angrylion since they’re essentially identical, just with the addition of graphics goodies.


Only Works on Vulkan Graphic Driver.

Will it work with Others Video Plugins?

Looks like Angrylion outputs the actual internal resolution via non-gpu screenshot, the other plugins don’t. GlideN64 seems to scale in other ways than ParaLLEI-RDP and Angrylion. You can see this if you are using a PAL-ROM. To get correct integer scaled output for 640x288, you need to set it manually via custom scaling with Angryl. and ParaL. GlideN64 just renders everything at what is set, so you can put e.g. the interlacing shader on 320x240 PAL resolution (which isn’t accurate, but whatever.).

No, it indeed requires Vulkan, which is where the “if you can run it” caveat comes in :slight_smile:

Which reminds me, did its system requirements go up in ParaLLEl-RDP’s latest updates? These don’t appear to have made it into Mupen64Plus-Next just yet, so I have zero issues with it, but other projects like simple64 and RMG have the latest code from upstream, and now ParaLLEl-RDP no longer starts for me on those. I’m guessing it could also be driver-related, but unfortunately my laptop’s Quadro K1100M no longer receives driver updates from Nvidia. Should I bother Themaister with this, or should I take it up with the developers of those projects first just in case?

I’d mention it to logan et al first and if it’s something with upstream ParaLLEl-RDP, they’ll run it up the pole.