Issue with analog sticks in the PCSX2 Core

I am playing Kingdom Hearts within the PCSX2 core, and I’ve noticed a very familiar issue that happens when trying to walk in circles or diagonally. When trying to walk in circles, the character often stutters strangely. When trying to walk diagonally, the character is unable to run, only walk as if the analog stick isn’t being tilted all the way. This behaviour is very similar to what I experienced in Mega Man Legends 2. In Mega Man Legends 2, I was able to solve this issue by enabling the “Analog Self-Calibration” setting within Beetle PSX. After that, everything worked perfectly.

Anyways, is there a similar setting I can enable for PCSX2? I feel that it is likely to solve the problem, but I can’t seem to find it. Is there some other way I can calibrate my controller?

Analog Self-Calibration: When the input device is set to DualShock, Analog Controller, Analog Joystick, or neGcon, this option enables dynamic calibration of analog inputs. Maximum registered input values are monitored in real time and used to scale analog coordinates passed to the emulator. This should be used for games such as Mega Man Legends 2 that expect larger values than what modern controllers provide. For best results, analog sticks should be rotated at full extent to tune the calibration algorithm each time content is loaded.

I thought I’d update this for posterity, but I figured out that by going to settings > analog sensitivity, and setting it to a value above 1 (like 1.2) can ameliorate the problem, though it’s obviously not perfect. I also tried running the game in standalone PCSX2 and curiously the problem was not present there.