Issue with game World End on Stella core

While Stella 2014 displays the game fine, recent Stella core heavily crops the screen. Same happens on stand alone Stella and Gopher 2600.

Retroarch aspect ratio settings do not have any effect as it is locked to core video settings.

Hmm, if it happens on standalone Stella, it’s probably best reported to them. In fact, they may already be aware of it.

OTOH, I don’t see it listed specifically in their issue tracker, so they may not be. You might try opening a ticket and see what shakes out:

They likely won’t have much to say about it looking weird in RetroArch, so be sure to lead with it being messed up in the standalone program, first and foremost.

Gopher2600 author mentioned it had to do that the game detects wrongly the NTSC version as PAL. Proposed the file but it made no difference. PAL version had the same issue. Had to download a better rom version where at least the PAL version appears correctly because previously it had the same issue or was labelled incorrectly as PAL