Joystick problems · DOSBox-PURE

I updated my cores recently, now the game “Star Wars: X-Wing collector cd-rom” for dos won’t recognize my joystick. The emulator recognizes it, I can control the emulator with the joystick but the game doesn’t recognize the joystick.

which core? Other games still work okay?

Dosbox Pure, I remember I got the game to read the joystick once after updating my cores by fidgeting with the settings but it stopped again and I don’t remember what setting I was messing with.

I think it may have something to do with the fact I use dosbox pure to emulate windows 98 as well. There usually are different settings involved with that. If Retroarch has a way to saving settings to specific games that would be great, but I only see settings being saved to specific cores.

The issue is Pure’s auto mapping. Copy the main opt to a game opt and change…

dosbox_pure_auto_mapping = "true"


dosbox_pure_auto_mapping = "false"

The issue is Pure’s auto mapping. Copy the main opt to a game opt and change…

I had trouble understanding what you were talking about but I figured it out. Your right, under core options I can set it to specific games, thank you. However changing automapping to false didn’t solve the issue. The issue did resolve itself but only once every 10 or 15 times I try it. This means my joystick only registers rarely. I feel I have to keep reseting the game over and over before I get lucky to get the joystick calibration screen (which shows up in the game when the game recognizes the joystick).

Yeah… while that does the same thing… it’s not quite how I do things.

I meant go to the RetroArch\config\DOSBox-pure\ folder, make a copy of DOSBox-pure.opt and name it Star Wars X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM) (1994).opt (Or whatever your Zip or Folder for the game is named.) Then editing the line in the file.

I find it is a lot easier than using the menu to change things.

If it recognizes the joystick only sometimes it is probably a bug in the game. Did you try deleting the zip in the saves folder to clear previous settings?

That being said, there are some things you could try using legacy dosbox.config files but you would have to change your methods and I would be inviting the ire of Pure fanboys. (So I won’t go into details in public.)

it is probably a bug in the game

It worked fine before I updated my cores

Did you try deleting the zip in the saves folder to clear previous settings?

That’s actually another question I wanted to ask. I did try that, I didn’t want to delete anything in case I screwed things up so I just moved the zip file associated with that game from my save folder to my desktop. Retroarch hasn’t created a replacement.

The same thing happened with my windows 98 save file in the same location. Windows 98 emulated through dosbox pure sometimes freezes up and I have to close retroarch without properly shutting it down. Upon restarting it windows 98 gives me some scary messages about how I may have severely damaged the program so I make regular backups. However while replacing the disk img with the backup is easy the save file usually remains as it was making any backup replacement meaningless so I deleted the save file, replaced the img file with the backup, and expected a replacement save file. One never came. So now I wonder if save files mean anything in retroarch. Of course I’ve never actually opened windows 98 by itself, I usually open a game that needs windows 98 but x-wing also never made a replacement (unless retroarch is somehow still using the save from the desktop).

Ok. I think I had already talked about this game with someone around here.

It stopped working. With the last update it had a regression, the control went back to the RetroArch interface and it has affected some games.
These regressions are normal, the core is under development, if you are active with this core I recommend you to see the release changes, in this one there are some succulent new features.

The option to calibrate the joystick comes up when you select a joystick in Device Type. I don’t recommend it because it gives a lot of errors.

This is the headache of this and similar games. For this kind of situation PURE has the exclusive option of full remapping. You can select a “Custom Keyboard + Mouse…” and you can place the keys on any button of your choice and use the smoothness of the mouse on a gamepad joystick. In the manual you can see all the keys it uses.
At the end you can save Save Game Remap File in “Manage Remap Files”. This remapping can also be loaded for other XWing games that use the same control.

About the save file and Windows 98 I already answered you in the other post.

PURE is not exactly the same as DOSBox, the configuration is different, it even has unique things. There are many people looking for help with the same problems, this is why I always insist that it is important to identify well the publications.