Know any Android app that does keymapping, sequences, triggers etc?

Hello guys,

I was working on to make RetroArch on nVidia Shield (running android) to set up turbo buttons and other triggers just like I have it on PC using XPADDER program (which is a wonderful think I can’t imagine playing without).

Sadly RA does not support any of the scenarios I have inquired a few days ago here - Turbo button triggers (are such scenarios possible?)

Well then what if there’s a similar app which could do that could work together with RA. Sooo, do you know any Android app that handles key mapping, sequences, triggers etc.?

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A quick search yeilded this…

Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta

The only app I found that had any decent reviews. I haven’t tried it so I can’t say if it does what you want, but maybe it’s worth a shot. :grin: