Turbo button triggers (are such scenarios possible?)

Hello everybody.

Yesterday I bought NVIDIA Shield and installed RetroArch Plus from Google play. I love this application so far but I have a few questions which I was unable to answer myself. Please I need clarification if the following is possible.

I must also say that I’m a user of XPADDER which is made for PC (Xpadder can also handle combinations, sequences, toggles, triggers etc.) so I’m trying to recreate the same in RetroArch.

I’m using a PS3 controller btw.

  1. Is it possible to map a turbo trigger button L2. Which means while I’m holding down L2 button the other buttons I press would fire like turbo. Once I remove my finger from L2 - all other buttons go back to normal.

  2. Button sequence - is it possible to program one button. Lets say L1 which would act as if I have pressed B and then after 0.5 seconds button A. Imagine a NES game Turtles 3 when you do a special attack. But you could do that with a single button press.

  3. Similar to 1. - Is it possible to map a trigger button like L1 which when held down would turn other buttons like R1-3, L2-3 and others to different buttons altogether. I mean for example if you bind L3 to save a gamestate but if you press and hold L1 and then press L3 you instead can load a gamesave.

If those things would be possible that would be so nice! :slight_smile:

Well, 5 years ago only a few cores were capable of turbo according to this post.

I’ve been trying to get it to work on nds and it seems impossible. Maybe it is still impossible on the cores you are using.

The turbo functionality is fairly similar, but not exactly as you describe. You can map a button as the turbo button and when you hold it, it toggles any other buttons into turbo mode until you repeat the process (i.e., hold and then press other buttons).

For the other two, no, there is no macro or sequence support.

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in that case can you recommend me some other android app that only makes key mapping and turbo stuff? I imagine I could use one app to make controller work as I need and retroarch to actually play.