Kronos & Beetle: Sega Saturn Saves


There was a bunch of other fixes, can’t tell you exactly which games were impacted, neither if it didn’t cause regression elsewhere, however that’s a good news since SF3 is one of the best games the Saturn gad to offer.

Btw, the -ext512K is because Yabause/YabaSanshiro/Kronos support all type of external backup memory (512K/1M/2M/4M), however i select the smallest type by default when you set Addon Cartridge to auto (and the game doesn’t need a special cartridge), because that’s the one used in mednafen, and honestly the other types are kinda overboard.


Great, really, yeah it fixed a lot of things in SF3, last time I tested it was basically broken but now it’s 90%. So, regarding some feature requests, is there a specific topic for that?


There is an issue tracker at , most of the issues are written in french though, sorry about that :wink: . If you open an issue, don’t forget to mention if it is about the libretro port or the standalone version.


I’m still noticing big problems with Kronos in Shining Force 3.

For instance, Masqurin’s fire spell animation is really glitched out with missing effects, odd screen tearing, missing text on the menu boxes and the character models disappear among other graphical issues. Even in the menus outside of battle, the selector box is hyper flashy. It’s really odd because none of these issues exist in Yaba Sanshiro.

The Kronos core is showing promise, but it still has a long way to go before it becomes my default over Mednafen.

Ideally, I’d love to see a Bettle Saturn HW fork that allows for internal resolution upscaling, but that seems like a distant dream at this point.