Lakka build for odroid-go advance?

What about Odroid H2 ? - trying the Generic PC but just gets stuck at the flower screen.

It’s likely that Mesa doesn’t support the GPU of the H2, can you try the LE9 based builds of Lakka?

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Thanks. Happen to have a link to get that build?

This is what I found:

This one worked! Thanks. Maybe next I will try my old Alienware laptop that always failed in past years!

That’s the one!

@shar33f I will get my Odroid Go Advance wednesday, we are already working on the port :slight_smile:

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Yay!! Can’t wait to get my odroid-go advance and try it when it’s ready!

Don’t hesitate to follow Lakka on Twitter to follow development!

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@natinusala are you able to provide a progress update on the lakka build for odroid-go advance?

We got the kernel booting, but we are facing issues with screen rotation.

Basically the Odroid Go Advance display is a smartphone LCD and only supports portrait mode. RetroArch cannot rotate itself yet, so we need a display server to compensate. X11 seems to cause troubles with the GPU (the kernel side of the GPU driver is very old), but Wayland looks promising.

I hope to boot RetroArch this evening or tomorrow. If we cannot get RA to run with a display server, the port is doomed since we won’t be able to rotate the screen.

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And what is with Settings - Video - Output - Screen Orientation?

Thanks for the update @natinusala, I really hope it gets sorted out!! Would be such a shame not having lakka on this awesome little device!

Sadly that only rotates the core viewport, not the menu

Isn’t the Settings - Video - Output - Video Rotation what rotates only the core viewport.
At least on standalone RA (Windows) the former setting rotate the whole screen (menu, desktop, everything)

Yeah that only works for Windows, Android and Linux with X11… I tried to use X11 but the OpenGL ES driver crashes for no reason

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@natinusala have you been in touch with the odroid-go guys? They are best to speak to the hardware, drivers, etc. and I think it would be worthwhile to post questions in their forum to see if they can help and point you and the team in the right direction (the Platform Development area of the forum for odroid-go advance is here

Well turns out wayland works fine if I use the proper wayland-egl library

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sweet! so how’s the performance looking so far? what about boot and shutdown time?

The screenshot you see is how far I went, I didn’t have time to continue working on it

Seems a release is imminent! woohoo!!! :smiley:

Wow great news! I’m running EmuElec right now, which is pretty good, but I’ll most probably switch to Lakka upon release!

So has this been abandoned or what?