Launch core with bat help

So i want to launch psx rearmed from a bat file on my windows7 pc, could anyone help? Path to to retroarch C:\Retroarch Path to core C:\Retroarch\cores\pcsx_rearmed_libretro.dll Pathh to game C:\Retroarch\roms\psx\Brain Dead 13.PBP everything works launching through retroarch frontend. How would i write a bat file to launch this so i can use it in my frontend? Any help would be great.

The command line syntax is:

C:\path\to\retroarch_debug.exe --verbose --log-file log.txt -L C:\path\to\core.dll C:\path\to\game.pbp

I added in the logging bit so you can see what’s going wrong if something breaks at some point. Now, I don’t know anything about batch scripting, but it should be pretty easy to invoke that line via bat.

Here's a command in a batch file i use to launch retroarch:

–config loads a config file if you have one saved for the core. If you don’t have one just remove it from the command. -L loads the core and -f loads RetroArch in fullscreen mode.

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