Let's talk about crt and crt presets and stuff

so i thing i had become wiser since i began searching for how the games should look like like 6 months ago, and i’d never thought i would learn about things as deconvergence moire patterns, geometry issues, dithering over composite, scanlines, bloom, how the different signals work, color bleeding etc etc…

and after trying a bunch of crt presets, modifying those presets, having MY OWN crt monitor, i would like to talk about things that just came to my mind, like.

how not scaling the images to some inch degree or size affects deconvergence and pixel stretching?

Or how hard is it to deal with ps1 at the hour of creating an ntsc filter for it?

Or how much does the bloom could affect the color quality and how some of the color problem in general could be mitigated with owning and oled tv?

and how different res monitors or tvs could afffect the clarity and the usage of the different mask types?

or how much could scalefx affect the image and if it’s worth it just to gain a bit of clarity out of the image?.

I’ll let these questions for all of you crt experts and/or presets creators and please let me know if i’m wrong in something about my questions


Hi, apart from testing out and mixing shader presets (it’s pretty fun I have to admit) check out these links. The information is good, and has example pictures and video.

For computers

When it comes it PS1, dithering or anti-aliasing. Fog is a big deal, try out the shaders yourself.

There is an excellent thread here as well (which I just happened to post in :wink: )