libreelec/Kodi/Emulationstation/Retroarch no emulators showing

Hello everyone new to the forums and need a little help.

A week ago i picked up a Emulation box (model:z69 tv box) on ebay which i thought at first was a Raspberry pie set up but after digging i realised it was a libreelec/Kodi/Emulationstation/Retroarch setup which wasn’t bad as it does what i needed and that’s have a emulation system. Anyway i have ran into a problem i need help with and can’t figure it out.

2 nights ago whilst copying some more roms to the SD card which came with it i had a power failure whilst copying so of course it corrupted the SD card and i had no choice but to reformat the card (i had already backed up the roms on the SD card so was safe on that end). When formatting i gave it the name ZBOX4 which was what the name of the SD card was before it was formatted and on the SD card i just re copied over the .roms folder. All went well but once i reloaded the box up emulationstation is missing all of the emulators (besides capcom play 1,2,3 which are stored in the internal memory of the box) which was rather odd.

So the question is after lots of poking around i have no idea how to get the emulators to re show back up???. If i load up the box which goes straight into emulation station i then select a game from one of the capcom systems showing, wait for it to load them press ps button & triangle this takes me to the retroarch menu.

Via this i can load a core, load a rom and it runs that rom fine, i just can’t for the life of me work out why the emulators have vanished even though the roms are in the right directory and the SD card is named what it was before it was formatted.

Any ideas support or anything would be great as i am still getting to grips with retroarch and emulation station.

I kinda of got somewhere but still need help.

So i connected to the system via ethernet and once in i found the on boards memory rom folder which had the capcom 1,2,3 files and proceeded to add a folder for each of the system that was missing and 1 rom in each folder (there is only around 200 meg space left so can’t add much to the onboard)

Anyway once i restarted the box now all the emulators show back up so i guess the retroarch standard roms folder config works and i can add roms to this folder in there specific directory like megadrive, snes etc which show up in emulation station.

I then proceeded to start a game and then ps button and triangle to get to the retroarch menu. Once in there i went to settings/directory and changed the file directory to the sd card this worked ok and saved fine. Then i went to get some roms loaded so backed out and went into scan content.

I then picked a game in the snes folder to scan and it scanned fine i backed out retroarch and it doesn’t show the newly scanned game in emulationstation snes. I then reboot the system just to make sure if that re scans it and nothing the newly scanned game doesn’t show in emulationstation under snes.

So now the question is how do i get emulationstation to actually show the added roms i scan???

I’m slowly figuring it out but it’s a pain lol.

It sounds like maybe the path to your playlist directory might not be valid. Try changing it in settings > directory.

I figured it out after checking out es_systems.cfg all the emulators where pointing towards the onboard storage so changing it to /media/ZBOX4/.roms/(name of folder for each emulator) this sorted it and the roms popped back up. :slight_smile: