Libretro PPA for Ubuntu


will the new FreeIntv be added to the PPA? @sergio-br2


Eventually I’ll include more Cores… sorry for the inconvenience.

Could someone do a TODO list with the missing cores? Have in mind that a few Cores may be failing in the build (like Citra, you’ll not see it in 18.04 for now)


The only ones I can see is the following missing on the ppa that’s on the buildbot

  • chailove,
  • emux_*(all of them),
  • easyrpg,
  • redream,
  • puae,
  • uzem,
  • freeintv
  • mesen
  • cap32
  • gearboy
  • gearsystem

And higan (but last update you gave it was failing for you)

EDIT: seems the vice package is not working 100%. when running the plus4 (or the x128 & the xvic) it crashes with “undefined symbol: c64model_set”, the buildbot’s cores work as expected


Updating the Stable PPA. You’ll notice the wrong number in the package, but it’s the new 1.7.2 release (I can’t bump the package right now, sorry)

mGBA is 0.6.3 actually (but it’s showing 0.6.1, I need to update the patch later), PPA is using 0.6 branch from upstream


I sent a report to the PPA admins, but I’ll report it here as well: It seems the testing/nightly PPA hasn’t updated with new builds since May 7. Is this a known issue?


I’m still getting email notifications for build failures, so it seems like there’s still activity. Dunno why no updates are making it out, though…


Is anyone looking into this issue? The stable PPA doesn’t work as it should either. The latest RetroArch build in the stable PPA is from the 25th (and marked as 1.7.1) when 1.7.3 was released ten days ago.

When viewing the build script for RetroArch on Launchpad, it’s clear that the build fails:

Here’s the latest build log showing the issue:


I’ll try take a look today, kinda busy here


hey man, no problem. Thanks for all of your work on them :slight_smile:


Thanks for updating! Although it seems the QT interface is not included?


Working fine now, thanks! :slight_smile:


I forgot this Qt thing :frowning:

I’m enabling it on Testing PPA


@sergio-br2 any update on this? Libretro PPA for Ubuntu (for the testing ppa) and will the new reicast-oit be added to the testing-ppa


No, sorry. I’m out of time :confused:


I wanted to say a big thanks to the people who care about the PPA. You make things a lot easier for Ubuntu by providing precompiled and packaged versions of Retroarch!



Where can I request a core to be added to the PPA? Specifically, I would like to know if the following could be added:

  • Cannonball
  • MAME 2003-Plus