Lightgun on Flycast

I want to play Extreme Hunting on Reicast but when I put Lightgun gun on nothing comes up and no buttons work.

So how do I get it to work?

Be good for other games on Flycast Core.

Using the Windows 64 Bit Retroarch

I’m not at home right now and I don’t remember exactly, but you have to setup the controls layout (on RA > Quick Menu > Controls) to Mouse. Then you have to go into test mode when booting the game, go to Lightgun calibration, and when you’re on the calibration screen, open RA menu, and change controls from Mouse to Lightgun. Then you’ll be able to move the lightgun pointer with your mouse. Setup calibration, change controls on RA again to Mouse and saveexit test mode.

This is because when in Lightgun mode, test and service buttons don’t work, so you cannot move inside the test mode menu when in Lightgun control scheme.

Make sure to setup general input controls in RA, setting the Lightgun trigger button to your mouse (I don’t know if it’s hardcoded or not) so that you can push the trigger.


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Does Dreamcast have a test-mode? This almost sounds like instructions for MAME. I know a lot of US released Dreamcast games had their light-gun support switch off permanently.

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I tried to find it but I also could not find it.

So what to do to get to the Test Mode in/for Flycast Core?

I got into service mode but I can’t find the Lightgun calibration menu in Extreme Hunting.

Not Sure for Other Games

Wondering has anyone Figured out how to get it to work on Flycast?