Local Overlay Next (Descriptor Next?)

I want to replicate this (https://youtu.be/QeK8Imu4eiI?t=426) in retroarch, reason is recent retroarch versions get precedence over RocketLauncher bezel so they are always behind (even with autohotkey shaeningans). I managed to show two instruction cards at the same time on each side, but I can’t figure out if I can swap only one side with a hotkey. Currently with a hotkey both are changed.

overlays = 2

overlay0_full_screen = true
overlay0_normalized = true

overlay0_descs = 2
overlay0_desc0_overlay = "Instruction_Card_-_Akuma_01_-_leftCenter.png"
overlay0_desc0 = "overlay_next,0.055,0.47,rect,0.05,0.47"
overlay0_desc1_overlay = "Instruction_Card_-_Akuma_02_-_rightCenter.png"
overlay0_desc1 = "overlay_next,0.945,0.47,rect,0.05,0.47"

overlay1_full_screen = true
overlay1_normalized = true

overlay1_descs = 2
overlay1_desc0_overlay = "Instruction_Card_-_Alex_01_-_leftCenter.png"
overlay1_desc0 = "overlay_next,0.055,0.47,rect,0.05,0.47"
overlay1_desc1_overlay = "Instruction_Card_-_Alex_02_-_rightCenter.png"
overlay1_desc1 = "overlay_next,0.945,0.47,rect,0.05,0.47"

There’s no way to update just one side, AFAIK.

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No prob, at least I can swap them.