Login not possible "from this IP address"

I had this happening a while ago and just now again - I couldn’t log into the forum and got a message that it wouldn’t be possible from my IP. I got a new one via my router and now it works. What’s going on?

Dunno. Maybe someone with the same ISP is banned…?

Same thing happened to me on Monday. It solved itself after a while, has not happened since.

It just happened again. I didn’t change the IP from my post before. But trying to log in some minutes ago wouldn’t work. Maybe the message is somewhat misleading, and something else is going on. I’ll try a few things next time, like booting into Linux.

i;ve gotten this similar image a few times now since about a week ago, and i never turnoff my modem, so unless my isp rotates my external IP unknown to me (or a disconnect here and there), my external should be the same, incase if this was an IP problem.

forums are mostly enable spam filters thats why they banned many ips without any notice so that this you can see this notification. You can use vpn for change your ip and then register again.

Just asking, are you using cloudflare DNS?

please fix this, it’s stupid and ineffective and only serves to annoy actual users.

Lol change password fix everything

i have only just created an account and i am told “NOT FROM THIS IP ADDRESS”

the only way i can get into this forum is to constantly create new password.

can someone PLEASE fix this.

i do not have this problem on other forums.

i think it will be better if i stay logged in until i find the solution to this problem.