Looking to implement the Libretro API to my frontend

I’m the developer of Anarchy Arcade (http://store.steampowered.com/app/266430/) and I want to try to implement the Libretro API into my frontend within the next couple of months.

I found the Retro Arch example frontend on Github, and it looks like with enough digging it should show me everything I need, but I was hoping somebody with experience with implementing the Libretro API could give me some tips. Maybe there is a tutorial floating around that walks you through the bare-bones frontend setup & implementation?

My frontend already has a framework to send input to other libraries and render the output onto the in-game screens. It has streaming video and web browser games using an external DLL. I was hoping the Libretro API frontend implementation would be similar.

Anyways, I’ll appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Great idea with this library you’ve got here.

Looks great, and I suspect libretro will fit right in with very little effort.

There are no tutorials, but there are a couple of frontends floating around that you can use for reference, other than RetroArch, such as Alcaro’s Minir and letoram’s ArcanFE. There’s another one in the works (variously called ‘phoenix’ [not to be confused with the old RetroArch Phoenix launcher] or ‘pantheon’), but I don’t think it has a public repo at this time.

Anyway, Alcaro is basically the documentation at this point, and he’s easily reached in #retroarch on Freenode IRC.

Yeah, IIRC it comes with that filter.

I prefer the clean pure CRT look though personally.

You’re late Druage! :wink: