Lost save ram after blackout

Hi there, I was playing Castlevania SOTN taking advantage of the new retroachievements feature. I did save through the game. Then after a while, my computer does not have an UPS, so it just shut down badly. Now I said to my self, let’s continue when I saved the last time. There is nothing to do here :’(

BTW, I’m using Beetle PSX HW.

Do you think that is it a good idea to turn on the SaveRAM option automatically??

It should be already. We made it (10-second interval) the default for most non-console platforms 6 months or more ago. If you’re using a retroarch.cfg that precedes that change, though, it’ll still be off unless/until you enable it.

I don’t think the beetle cores are using the retro_get_memory_data/retro_get_memory_size api calls for saving ram (which i assume is the one automatically saved), most likely they are using the vanilla mednafen mecanism for this.

Ah, that’s a very good point. I think there’s a core option that determines whether they do or not.

I’ve already put on it. Tomorrow I’m going to test if this problem persist, due to I’m working right now.

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